Commercial & Hospitality

Here is a brief explanation of what we can provide to your commercial + hospitality clients with larger quantity container sized orders.


  • Commercial Design firms: firms with a focus on restaurant, hotels, boutique offices
  • Developers: apartment complex or multi family unit 
  • Event locations: companies with need for unique moveable, stackable seating in large quantities
  • Rental companies: firms that design events, wedding, catering events


We can provide small changes to product out of the catalog, like custom colors, or sizing changes, to complete ground up product development.  The process begins with a brief understanding of your needs, quantity, timeline, end use, sketches, whatever parameters you may have are useful. Development time can happen as fast as a few weeks, to as long as a few months. It's really about how quickly the we can move on approvals. 


Pricing will be inline with our current catalog pricing, we'll provide a complete cost directly to you. 


While initial development can take a wide variety of timelines, once we get to approved prototypes, in general a product can be produced in 30-45 days.

Rough shipping estimates
  • East coast :30 days
  • Mid-America/South: 45 days
  • West: 60 days

Please reach out and we can better understand how we can help your next project.