Walton Stick Stool
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Walton Stick Stool
This product is available.

Walton Stick Stool

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Understated and versatile, the Walton Stick Stool is crafted from slats of plantation-cut mango wood with a layered salvage finish. With organic modern styling, it's a natural fit for any space as a stool, plant stand, or side table. Due to the hand-made construction process and materials, slight variations that enhance the piece's character should be expected.


* High-Quality Material
* Handcrafted by talented artisans
* Indoor Use Only
* Suitable for: Residential Use Only
* Made In India
* Finish: Salvaged Wood
* Material: Plantation-Cut Mango Wood

Care Instructions:
* Wipe off the dirt from the furniture with a soft dry cotton cloth.
* Avoid using water for cleaning.
* Do not use an abrasive cleaner.
* Avoid chemical contact with the furniture as it harms the natural finish & further durability.
* Avoid direct sunlight.