Grace Cushion 20 x 20
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Grace Cushion 20 x 20
This product is available.

Grace Cushion 20 x 20

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Bold and beautiful grace cushion overflowing with inspiring patterns, shapes, and forms. Artisans use the block printing technique to stamp patterns onto the surface of the strong fabric. Beautifully crafted throw cushion on 100% Cotton textured with the hand block print and craftsman has added Pom-pom on all middle diamond designs of the product as well as stitched multi-color wool on the cotton dhurrie with Duck fabric surface to enhance the beauty of cushion. This stylish, textured cotton cushion is inspired by the age-old art of Indian printing and dyeing that dates back to the century. Made from the same thick, durable material as our cotton dhurrie rugs, so go ahead and mix and match!


* High-Quality Material
* Handcrafted by talented artisans
* Indoor Use Only
* Suitable for: Residential Use Only
* Made In India
* Finish: Block printed wool thread embroidery worked mix colored pillow
* Material: Cotton dhurrie + Duck fabric

Care Instructions:
* Avoid using water for cleaning.
* Do not use an abrasive cleaner.
* Do not rub stains.
* If the thread comes out do not pull the yarn, simply trim with a scissor.