About Us


Simplicity. The honesty of handcrafted welds and joints. The tactile sense of handwoven fabrics. The perfect imperfections of real wood. All are sources of inspiration for this season from Blackhouse.

In every season utility must marry with aesthetics, design must be incorporated into the beauty of the natural materials and the subtle variation of our hand finishes. With our uncluttered silhouettes and natural color palettes, Blackhouse pieces will assimilate in multiple environments, cross-styles and decades and will become the foundation for your personal style. With this honesty, simplicity and utility we invite you to experience this season from Blackhouse...

Thank you for joining us.



We believe that the inborn beauty of farmhouse furniture, which transcends various eras, regions and stylistic influences, grows from the two most crucial relationships required for a farmhouse to function; work ethic and nature. Our designs aim to represent and be a part of those relationships with a sense of respect and verisimilitude, while also expanding them to more modern and urban applications. 

The result is straightforward furnishings that are simple for the sake of versatility, longevity and emotional connection. 



Hand-craftsmanship is an essential quality of our designs, and is present along every step of the construction process, no matter the piece. Whether it's a wooden stool that's crafted from hand-hewn timber, a chair with hand-cut-and-stitched leather wrapped around a hand-cut frame, or a metal light with a hand-rubbed distressed finish, all of our furniture is handmade in small batches. 

Due to this, no two pieces are identical, and slight variations that enhance each individual piece's character should be expected. 


Our furniture is handcrafted from natural, oftentimes reclaimed materials. All of our woods, including reclaimed teak, plantation-cut mango wood, reclaimed wood, sleeper wood, pinewood and hardwood, are solid and contain no particle board, mdf or plywood. Our materials lend themselves to creating character-rich, one-of-a-kind pieces with will-be-heirloom longevity. 

Variations such as knotholes, slight cracks and indentations can be expected and do not compromise the piece’s structural integrity, but rather add character to the design.